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BT launches student broadband deals

Students can now get 'truly unlimited' BT Infinity superfast broadband on a special nine-month contract. So you won't still be paying when the house is empty over the summer.

BT has unveiled two new broadband packages specifically designed for the millions of students living in shared houses across the UK.

For the first time ever, BT's truly unlimited superfast broadband, BT Infinity, is available on a 'term time only' contract, running for nine months instead of the standard 12 or 18 months - so you won't have to keep on paying if the house is empty over the summer.

Students can get BT Infinity with speeds of up to 38Mb and unlimited weekend phone calls for 20 per month. In areas where fibre optic broadband isn't available, students may instead take standard BT Broadband with speeds of up to 16Mb for 16 per month.

Both of the nine-month student deals require you to pay 15.45 monthly line rental.

Pete Oliver, commercial director at BT, said: "We think these new BT Infinity and BT Broadband nine-month packages will be really popular with students.

"No usage caps and no download limits and we won't slow you down. You can download, stream and game as much as you like and there won't be any unexpected charges at the end of the month."

Although the total cost of 35.45 per month for BT Infinity and line rental may seem expensive, in a house shared by five students it would cost around 7 each.

However, it's still worth considering the other deals available. There may be a 12-month package that still works out cheaper - even if the broadband isn't being used during the final summer months before the contract has ended.

The only other major firm offering student broadband on a nine-month contract is cable provider Virgin Media, but the student house would need to have a Virgin Media line and Virgin Media isn't available everywhere in the country.

Students living in shared houses need unlimited broadband with no restriction on usage, as their data consumption is likely to be high - particularly if everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet on the Wi-Fi as well as PCs and laptops.

A fibre optic connection, such as BT Infinity or Virgin Media's cable broadband, should guarantee decent speeds even when the whole house is online at the same time.

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